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  • Who will be Philly’s next Mayor?

    It’s a crowded race for the next Mayor spot. So many candidates and a lot of promises.It is good to see some female candidate’s hats running for the mayoral race.Philly has a lot of crime and trash issues to be addressed by the next mayor.Too many people don’t feel safe in their homes, their cars,…

  • Happy Place, By Emily Henry.

    This week’s book pick is author Emily Henry a #1 New York Times bestselling book called ” Happy Place”. She lives and writes in Cincinnati as an author and proofreader of articles for websites. She is active on social media on Instagram and Twitter for questions and comments. Click on the below link to learn…

  • 1958 Penny SOLD for $1.136 Million dollars.

    Don’t throw away your pennies, check them first. You may have a winner to save for your kids someday. Think about it , wouldn’t it be great to leave your kids some collectible coins after you are gone to your forever place. Who says a penny won’t buy much these days? A 1958-dated Lincoln cent…

  • Remembering loved ones.

    So many kids and adults lost their lives this year. They are victims of unthinkable actions of someone else’s violent crimes, child abduction or domestic violence relationships. One of the worst things about having someone you love die: is to relive what happen to them again every single DAY in your mind when you wake…

  • Teens Making a Difference.

    All you hear on the news, all around the world, and in Philly; is teens fighting in schools, shooting at basketball games, and teens destroying their lives before they have a chance to be an adult. Today on Philly-News we are going to talk about teens’ contribution to building a better world. Below is their…

  • Pokémon card sold for $5.275 millions.

    Ever since my son turn five years old, I have been buying him Pokémon and basketball cards for years. He keeps them all in a collectible book for safe keeping and preserving the cards selling value. The most expensive Pokémon card is the Pikachu Illustrator which sold for $5.275 millions. It’s the true Holy Grail…

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