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  • 5 Inspirational Women.

    There is so much bad news being promoted in this world today. I wanted to focus on the good things people are doing to improve their lives and others.Oprah Winfrey, Mackenzie Scott, C.J. Walker, Bettencourt Meyers and Rihanna are all entrepreneurs working hard to make their dreams come true.These five women are self-made billionaires in…


    Are you a cashier clerk? Are you a data entry specialist? Are you a stay-at-home mom? Are you looking for work at home in your spare time to do on your laptop or cellphone, to make extra money or just to keep busy.Talent Desire is the perfect job for you to do on the weekend…

  • Slow Cooker Barbecue Ribs Recipe !

    For Sunday football night. How about some slow cooked barbecue ribs that you can cut with a spoon or pull the spicy tender meatoff with your hands. Try this barbecue ribs recipe and you won’t be disappointed; your family will be asking for more.Click the like button below if you find this receipe helpful. Slow…

  • The Servant TV Show!

    Philly has a lot of television shows and movies filming in Philadelphia. One is “The Servant” with actresses and actors named, Lauran Ambrose,Nell Free, Rupert Grint, Toby Kebbell, Tony Revolorio and Phillip James. The show is centered around an unspeakable tragedy for a new marry couple, which creates a rift in their marriage. Which opens…

  • Tyre Nichols body cam footage trending!

    A trending video shows police officers kicking, pepper spraying, beating a man named Tyre Nichols after BOGUS traffic stop.When is this bad POLICING going to stop? On the video you can hear Tyre Nichols crying for his mother, so sad.After the beating, Tyre Nichols body laid slumped and motionless against a car. While one of…

  • 3 Best Selling children’s Books to read for free.

    How do parents get kids to read more books? What three children’s books are the best-selling kid’s books of all time. Do parents buy books for their kids, by their age group category or learning development? As a parent, I choose my kids’ books for education and reading enjoyment. Here are 3 best-selling books kids…

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